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Strategic and tactical management of advanced manufacturing systems : a survey of British industry

The thesis was published by Senior, Clive Richard, in September 2022, University of Stirling.


Companies have been slower to automate their
facilities, and computerise their information
systems, than many of their overseas competitors in Europe, North
America and Japan. Initially, this research studied advanced
manufacturing technology, (AMT), systems theory, the UK economy
and investigated the underlying reasons for and against company’ s
decisions to automate.
Automating procedures were studied for a sample of 20
Engineering companies with particular attention paid to their;
systemic approach to implementing AMT, inter-business activity
communications, individual company strategies, operational
tactics, and implications from previous installations. This
information was supported by questionnaires targeted at UK design
engineers’ and equipment suppliers. Interviews with Trade
Unions, financial institutions, professional institutions and
Government, were also arranged.
The research found that correctly implemented AMT, with the
optimum balance of flexibility and complexity, improved
businesses’ competitiveness, although many operational
efficiencies could be attained merely by rationalising existing
systems. When a company implements AMT it is critical that they
synchronise the equipment with additional complementary systems
and manufacturing resources. However, every company has their
own unique solutions due to the historical evolution of factory
facilities, product ranges and employee skills. The restrictive
practices adopted the financial accountants and many of the Trade
Union were found to restrain the rate of implementation for AMT
and the move towards total integrated businesses.
The research analysis yielded a ten point model for the
strategic and tactical management of advanced manufacturing
systems. Finally, the work concludes by identifying “accounting
systems”, and procedures for “designing for manufacture”, as
areas which deserve further investigation.

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