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Thinking about quitting your Ph.D. so close to the end?

October 2022

The day you finally accept full responsibility for your life’s circumstances and make amends for your part in the unfortunate events, you will be in a watershed moment. It would be enough to stop you from being at the whim of other people and events in your life and give you a firm grasp on your destiny. There will be no more anger or resentment against your Ph.D. advisor after that day since you will no longer hold him accountable for your failure (even when he doesn’t perform his job).

It would be best if you reminded yourself that anything was inherently wrong with anything that hurt you. Everything you went through was designed to make you a better person by forcing you to confront your weaknesses and find ways to overcome them. There will be costs associated with devoting so much time to your Ph.D. dissertation, but the mental maturity and ability to solve problems you get from doing so will be well worth it in the long run. Life will keep throwing new obstacles at you, and you’ll have to learn to deal with them more gracefully.

After completing 3 years, you are almost about to complete your Ph.D. and near your career success as you have covered more than half of the journey so don’t allow your supervisor’s criticism to derail your career. Soon, you will complete your doctorate and will be free of the annoying advisor forever. So, keep patience and try to complete your degree.

It would be best if you had an open discussion with your boss about this. Explain to him that you have finished the course and must get your diploma. Should he persist in his efforts to prevent your graduation, you may, as the last option, approach the head of another department or a higher-ranking official. Don’t give those few individuals the power to undo your efforts. It would be best if you kept pushing until you have the degree you so well deserve.

If you are a third-year Ph.D. student constantly contemplating throwing down the towel, you are not alone. When you’re struggling, it’s easy to want to give up. But a Ph.D. isn’t about talent; it’s about sticking with it until you get what you want. Earning a doctorate is all about how to persevere. Always choosing to take baby steps ahead rather than internalizing the disappointment of setbacks is what shapes your character. It is the choices we make in life that ultimately define us. Therefore, proceed.

Pursuing a doctorate is as much a test of stamina as it is of brainpower. Since no manager wants to waste time on a failure, it’s clear that you have the skills necessary to complete the task at hand; now, prove that you also have the stamina to see it through. You need to keep going! It is suggested that you take the hit. Wearing horses’ glasses is slang for not being able to discern left from right. Only the immediate surroundings are visible to you.

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