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Consumer aggression in marketing

The thesis was published by Kähr, Andrea, in September 2022, University of Bern.


Digitalization has changed the ways consumers interact with brands and has led to increasingly empowered consumer markets, where some consumers engage in activities that deliberately try to harm a brand. Against this background, this dissertation introduces a conceptual framework of aggressive consumer behavior toward brands and examines the antecedents leading to such behavior, its outcomes, and how managers can respond to diminish its damage. Paper 1 (Kähr et al. 2016) introduces the phenomenon of consumer brand sabotage (CBS) as a form of hostile aggression and develops a conceptual framework of aggressive consumer behavior toward brands. It explains the psychological mechanisms leading to such aggressive behavior and distinguishes between instrumental and hostile aggression. Manuscript 2 examines the brand damage of CBS as a form of hostile aggression. It studies whether, when, and how a CBS activity affects other observing individuals. Finally, Manuscript 3 investigates how a company should respond to negative electronic word-of-mouth as a form of instrumental aggression depending on its credibility.

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