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Hybrid Multicasting Using Automatic Multicast Tunnels (AMT)

The thesis was published by Alwadani, Dhaifallah, in September 2022, University of Stirling.


Native Multicast plays an important role in distributing and managing delivery of some of the most popular Internet applications, such as IPTV and media delivery. However, due to patchy support and the existence of multiple approaches for Native Multicast, the support for Native Multicast is fragmented into isolated areas termed Multicast Islands. This renders Native Multicast unfit to be used as an Internet wide application. Instead, Application Layer Multicast, which does not have such network requirements but is more expensive in terms of bandwidth and overhead, can be used to connect the native multicast islands. This thesis proposes Opportunistic Native Multicast (ONM) which employs Application LayerMulticast (ALM), on top of a DHT-based P2P overlay network, and AutomaticMulticast Tunnelling (AMT) to connect these islands. ALM will be used for discovery and initiating the AMT tunnels. The tunnels will encapsulate the traffic going between islands’ Primary Nodes (PNs). AMT was used for its added benefits such as security and being better at traffic shaping and Quality Of Service (QoS). While different approaches for connecting multicast islands exists, the system proposed in the thesis was designed with the following characteristics in mind: scalability, availability, interoperability, self-adaptation and efficiency. Importantly, by utilising AMT tunnels, this approach has unique properties that improve network security and management.

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