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Lokalizációs mikroszkópiás mérések kvantitatív elemzése

The thesis was published by Varga D√°niel, in September 2022, University of Szeged.


My goal was to interpret the point clouds generated by the SMLM technique and obtain quantitative information from them, in particu- lar the number of labeled molecules, the detection of clusterization as well as the characterization of the clusters and the geometrical param- eters of the sample. It was among my plans to compare these results with results obtained form the analysis of confocal images to explore the possibilities of correlative measurements. It was relevant, because confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) is a prevalent technique in 4 biological research. Performing the necessary measurements was also among my tasks. It was my purpose to not complicate the measurement protocol and to not increase the measurement time with the employed analytical methods. My objectives were motivated by important biological problems, such as estimating the number of ő≥H2AX histones (which are signaling proteins of DNA double-strand breaks), the time resolved analysis of ő≥H2AX clusters after X-ray irradiation, the changes in the structure of actin filaments or the quantitatve characterization of RNC clusters after a genotoxic stress. I used the dSTORM and CLSM system of AdOptIm research group to conduct the measurements and I mainly used MATLAB and Python to analyze measurement data.

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